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SOLUTIONS COMPUTER REPAIR We   identify   and   troubleshoot   problems   in   a   faulty   computer.   Computer   repair   is   a   broad   field   encompassing   many   tools, techniques   and   processes   used   to   repair   computer   hardware,   software   or   network/internet   related   problems.   We   have over   20   years’   experience   providing   computer   repair,   plus   actively   staying   up   to   date   on   the   greatest   and   latest technologies   with   our   vendors.   Our   computer   repair   is   handled   by   specialized   computer   repair   technicians.   Typically, hardware   faults   require   the   physical   review   of   a   computer   and   testing   for   abnormalities.   Suspected   components,   such   as random-access   memory   (RAM),   hard   disk   drives   (HDD),   power   supply   units   (PSU),   or   optical   drive   may   be   individually checked,   troubleshooted,   or   replaced   if   an   error   is   detected.   This   will   require   special   equipment   and   accessories   to disassemble   and   reassemble   the   computer.   Software-based   computer   repair   issues   are   generally   related   to   operating system   (OS)   configuration,   updates,   installed   applications,   viruses   and   other   software   services.   So   why   not   trust   a   local premier provider of solutions to handle your computer repair needs? BACKUP AND DISASTER RECOVERY Disaster   recovery   planning   is   an   integral   part   of   any   business’s   IT   strategy,   and   is   becoming   more   prevalent   as   security breaches   and   network   outages   have   become   common   threats.   In   the   beginning   stages   of   disaster   recovery   planning, decision   makers   are   often   mistaken   about   what   constitutes   a   disaster   recovery   plan.   Many   times   they   are   misled   by   the idea   that   data   backup   is   sufficient   precaution   in   the   event   of   a   disaster.   While   having   a   backup   strategy   is   important,   it   is not the same as a disaster recovery strategy; rather, the beginning stages of establishing a proper DR plan. A backup is a copy   of   your   data;   a   disaster   recovery   plan   is   insurance   that   guarantees   its   recovery.   Why   not   reach   out   to   the   leaders   of backup and disaster recovery, to where we can help you build a solid strategy so when it comes crunch time, you’re covered! BUSINESS IT SOLUTIONS One   of   the   areas   of   greatest   demand   in   today’s   business   world   is   providing   software   solutions.   This   can   involve   creating completely   new   systems   or   modifying   existing   ones,   working   as   part   of   the   team   responsible   for   analysis   and   design, construction,   testing,   and   maintenance.   This   field   changes   rapidly   making   it   essential   to   keep   on   top   of   the   latest developments   in   the   industry   to   best   serve,   you,   our   clients.   As   an   IT   &   Security   Management   Firm,   we   can   help   provide software   solutions   that   will   help   you,   our   client,   successfully   solve   a   problem   or   deal   with   a   complicated   situation.   What are you waiting for? Reach out to us today for a free Assessment of your infrastructure! FINANCIAL IT SOLUTIONS Financial    Institutions    are    highly    regulated,    i.e.    Federal    Deposit    Insurance    Corporation     (FDIC),    the    Office    of    the Comptroller   of   the   Currency,   etc.   Certain   requirements,   restrictions   and   guidelines   are   enforced   on   these   institutions   to maintain   the   integrity   of   the   financial   system.   Based   on   recent   activities   reported   in   the   news,   there   is   a   growing   concern from   both   internal   and   external   cyber   threats.   Institutions   must   be   aware   of   potential   threats   and   have   a   plan   that   is forward-looking   to   make   sure   that   they   are   protecting   important   daily   processes   or   business   operations   as   a   whole.   The Information   Technology   Systems   already   deployed   are   under   great   scrutiny   by   these   regulatory   agencies   and   require real-time   management   to   ensure   these   systems   are   remaining   secure   and   available.   We   deliver   innovative   solutions   to your   problems   by   providing   insight-driven   research,   consulting   and   managed   services.   Leveraging   our   expertise,   we cater   to   a   wide   range   of   operational   needs   of   the   international   financial   services   community   to   establish   new   industry standard service. HEALTHCARE IT SOLUTIONS CYBER-NATE   Managed   Solutions   for   the   Healthcare   industry   has   a   credited   history   of   providing   a   full-range   of   IT services   to   clients   in   the   healthcare   industry   for   the   past   20+   years.   Clients   range   from   large   hospitals,   rural   medical centers,   to   individual   doctor’s   offices   to   multi-location   clinics   and   full-service   hospitals.   We   provide   HIPAA-compliant healthcare   information   technology   solutions   including   on-site   staff   augmentation,   trouble   ticket   processing,   24×7   Help Desk   services,   server   and   application   support,   professional   services   (projects   and   IT   architecture),   hosted   communication services   (email   and   voice),   remote   and   collocated   infrastructure,   and   disaster   recovery   platforms.   Our   staff   has   worked with providers such as McKesson, AllScripts, and various electronic medical record (EMR) providers. LEGAL IT SOLUTIONS We   are   your   full-service   Legal   Technology   Team   here   to   help   you   maximize   your   firms   efficiency   by   taking   advantage   of technology,   and   we   are   only   a   phone   call   away.   We   offer   our   clients   network   configuration   and   maintenance,   a   variety   of cloud   services,   cyber   security   audits   and   services,   and   many   other   technology   enhancements   to   keep   your   practice running   efficiently,   securely,   and   smoothly.   We   have   built   an   extensive   reputation   within   the   legal   industry   for   providing law   firms   with   professional,   knowledgeable   and   capable   resources.   With   the   experience   of   consulting   with   hundreds   of law   firms   in   the   U.S.,   we   have   an   extensive   understanding   of   the   ‘best-in-practice’   solutions   that   ensure   our   clients   will get   the   most   out   of   their   technology   investment.   Choosing   the   right   software   is   only   half   the   equation   –   finding   the right   consultant   is   crucial   in   making   sure   you   get   the   most   out   of   your   investment.   Our   job   is   to   customize   the   solutions to   meet   the   individual   needs   of   your   law   firm.   Proper   planning,   detailed   implementation,   comprehensive   training   and follow-up   support   are   essential   in   a   successful   software   project.   We   have   partnered   with   various   legal-specific   providers to   help   your   firm   work   efficiently   and   have   a   great   relationship   with   your   clients,   and   of   course   ROI.   Why   not   partner with us today? MANAGED SOLUTIONS PROVIDER We   aren’t   the   first   to   coin   the   phrase,   or   the   first   to   bring   the   service   to   the   area,   but   the   difference   is,   we   just   don’t provide   a   service…   we   provide   a   SOLUTION…   anyone   can   provide   a   service.   But   when   it   comes   to   needs   and   problems you   have,   we   have   the   SOLUTIONS!   We   are   the   premier   Managed   Solutions   Provider,   because   we   take   the   effort   and time   to   ensure   that   we   provide   solutions.   We   understand   your   business,   regardless   of   the   size,   or   industry,   needs solutions,   not   just   services.   We   are   customer-centric   and   transparent   in   everything   we   do.   Even   (in   some   rare   blue   moon) we   can’t   provide   a   solution,   we   will   work   with   you   to   find   a   vendor   that   can.   We   are   here   to   serve,   if   you   become   a   client, or not, we provide ethical solutions to ensure you can focus on what matters to you, your clients! NETWORK DESIGN AND BUILD We ’ve    earned    a    reputation    for    building    cost-effective    local    and    wide    area    network    (LAN    /    WAN)    solutions    for organizations   of   all   sizes.   Our   technical   consultants   are   expertly   qualified   to   design,   build   and   configure   business-grade networks.      From   data   cabling   and   PC   setup   to   configuring   servers,   routers,   and   firewalls,   we   provide   the   best   end-to-end networking   know-how.      And   we   don’t   just   install   hardware   and   software,   we   carefully   integrate   the   components,   so   they are   completely   cohesive.   With   the   corporate   world   seemingly   moves   faster   day   after   day,   and   you   need   a   business network   that   can   keep   up!   From   the   health   care   industry   to   plumbers   and   electricians,   we   can   design   and   install   a network   that   streamlines   business   processes   and   maximizes   business   productivity.   We   work   with   small   and   medium business networks and larger enterprise networks. NON-PROFIT IT SOLUTIONS We   are   truly   your   end-to-end   technology   solution,   customized   to   fit   your   needs.      We   have   become   partners   to   many   of our   clients   -   helping   with   strategic   planning,   identifying   nonprofit-specific.   We’ll   develop   and   execute   a   technology   plan to   meet   the   specific   needs   of   your   nonprofit   organization.   We   do   everything   we   can   to   ensure   that   we   help   you maximize the mission of your organization! VOIP (VOICE OVER IP) SOLUTIONS Voice   over   Internet   Protocol   (VoIP),   is   a   technology   that   allows   you   to   make   voice   calls   using   a   broadband   Internet connection   instead   of   a   regular   (or   analog)   phone   line.   Some   VoIP   services   may   only   allow   you   to   call   other   people   using the   same   service,   but   others   may   allow   you   to   call   anyone   who   has   a   telephone   number   -   including   local,   long   distance, mobile,   and   international   numbers.   Also,   while   some   VoIP   services   only   work   over   your   computer   or   a   special   VoIP phone,   other   services   allow   you   to   use   a   traditional   phone   connected   to   a   VoIP   adapter.    Switching   to   VoIP   might   also help   you   save   money   on   communications   services.   Long-distance   and   international   calls   are   generally   free   with   VoIP service.   The   only   charge   is   for   your   internet   access.   Implementing   VoIP   doesn’t   mean   that   all   your   employees   have   to use   IP-enabled   phones.   The   best   VoIP   providers   implement   IP   telephony   in   a   manner   that   protects   your   investment   in existing   telephone   equipment,   even   if   you   have   analog   telephone   stations.   We   have   worked   with   huge   VoIP   providers like   Allworx,   Barracuda,   and   Cisco;   so   we   can   help   you   cut   costs   and   be   more   efficient   if   you’re   looking   to   implement   a VoIP or have an existing VoIP system! WEB DESIGN AND HOSTING Whether   you   are   looking   for   a   custom   website   design,   enhancing   your   existing   site   or   creating   a   unique   logo   design   for your   business,   our   Web   design   and   development   experts   can   help.   In   today's   competitive   market,   most   businesses   need a   website,   no   matter   the   size   or   industry,   and   not   just   any   website   -   a   professionally   designed   website   that   can   help increase   visibility,   promote   awareness   and   establish   credibility   for   you.   We   provide   customized,   web   sites,   as   well   as hosting. WIRELESS NETWORKING Wireless   networks   are   computer   networks   that   are   not   connected   by   cables   of   any   kind.   The   use   of   a   wireless   network enables   enterprises   to   avoid   the   costly   process   of   introducing   cables   into   buildings   or   as   a   connection   between   different equipment   locations.   So   if   you’re   looking   to   implement   a   new   wireless   network,   upgrade   your   old   one,   or   having problems   with   your   current   one,   we   have   Solutions!   We   can   help   you   design   and   build   a   new   wireless   network   to troubleshooting your existing wireless infrastructure.